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Real-Time Categorization & Reputation Scoring.

In the vast landscape of the internet, where countless websites offer a myriad of content and services, it's crucial to have mechanisms that help users navigate the digital realm safely and efficiently.

One such mechanism is domain categorization, a process that involves labeling and grouping domains based on their content, purpose, and potential risk factors.

Ponarize Domain Categorization contributes to a more efficient online experience for you.

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  "status": "success",
  "message": [
      "domain": "",
      "category": "Business",
      "category2": "Online Shopping",
      "category3": "Software/Hardware",
      "category4": "Internet Services",
      "category5": "-",
      "risk": "Minimal Risk",
      "domain_age": "1999-06-13T00",
      "domain_nameserver": ["",""],
      "socialLinks": {
	  "linkedin": "",
	  "facebook": "",
	  "twitter": "",
	  "instagram": "null",
	  "youtube": ""
Example Domain Lookup API response

  "status": "success",
  "message": [
      "ip": "",
      "range": "\/12",
      "country": "United States",
      "countryCode": "US",
      "city": "Mountain View",
      "timezone": "America\/Los_Angeles",  
      "reverse": "-",  
      "lat": "37.42240",
      "lon": "-122.08421",
      "isp": "Google LLC",  
      "org": "Google LLC",
      "asn": "396982",  
      "asnName": "Google LLC",  
      "netName": "-",  
      "descr": "GOOGLE-CLOUD",  
      "openPorts": ["-"],  
      "risk": "100",
      "attacks": {
	"ports": {"21":"376"},  
	"hours": {"00:00":"25","01:00":"14"}
Example IP address Lookup API response

IP Blacklist Search & Reputation Scoring.

In an age where the internet plays a central role in our lives, safeguarding our digital presence has become paramount.

Ponarize IP blacklist search and reputation scoring provide powerful tools for identifying and mitigating potential threats.

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Ponarize's Best Features

Risk Mitigation
Domain categorization helps users and organizations mitigate the risks associated with malicious websites, thereby enhancing security.
Resource Optimization
By blocking access to non-productive websites, you can optimize network resources and improve overall network performance.
Domain categorization solutions often provide customization options, allowing users to tailor filtering rules to their specific needs.
Identifying Threats
By checking if an IP address is on a blacklist, users can determine its trustworthiness.
Blocking Malicious Traffic
By blocking traffic from blacklisted IP addresses, you can prevent malicious activity from reaching your networks and and improve overall network performance.
Dynamic Risk Assessment
Reputation scoring takes into account recent activities, offering a real-time assessment of an IP's risk level. This is particularly useful in detecting fast-evolving threats.
Real-Time Results
View results in real time while we processing your response.
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